Thank you for your interest in adoption with Canine Haven Rescue.


We are always looking for stable homes to help our animals settle in to life in Canada. We have animals with various needs. If you have any deal breakers, such as toilet training, separation anxiety, leash manners, fear, special needs, please let us know. We are transparent as possible when placing our dogs to ensure it is the right fit for everyone. 

Before completing our adoption application, please review

 The true cost of keeping a dog in 2021

This will assist you in knowing exactly how much money it takes to care for a dog responsibly, from adoption to emergencies.

We only accept adoption applications when we have dogs available. If you complete this application when we have no available dogs, we will not process it.

What is the adoption process?

To adopt one of our dogs, please fill out an adoption application. Although we do our best to reply to all inquiries within 48 hours, please remember we are a 100% volunteer based organization, and many of us have full time jobs outside of rescue. We appreciate your patience.


Our priority is to ensure the fit is right for both you and the dog, we will reach out to your personal and veterinarian references (if applicable), and your landlord (if applicable). A virtual video or pictures of your place are required at the time of application.


You will then be granted a couple private meets with the dog. If after the meet and greet, you would like to proceed with adoption, we will review your application with the foster and make our final decision.

What are the adoption fees?

Due to COVID and associated expenses, we need to temporarily raise our adoption fees.  The rates listed below, are pre-pandemic and due to changing times, many humanitarian airline programs are on hold (as are the flights themselves).  Post pandemic, we hope to go back to our regular low rates. Thank you for understanding


A puppy 12 months of age and younger is $900

A dog 13 months and up is $830

A senior (9+ years) is $500



A kitten 12 months of age and younger is $500

A cat 13 months and up is $350

A senior (9+ years) is $220

What is included in the vetting details?

All CHR dogs are vaccinated and spayed/neutered/microchipped prior to adoption. Dogs are vaccinated with DA2LP + PV (Canine Distemper – Adenovirus 2 – Para influenza – Parvo Virus Vaccine) and the Rabies vaccination (if old enough upon adoption). Puppies will not be adopted out before the age of 8 weeks, and will have their first vaccines.  


We also examine dogs for any signs of TVT, dental, 4DX Snap (Heartworm, Lyme, Erhlichia, Anasplasma) and Babesis (depending on the country of origin)

All CHR cats are vaccinated and spayed/neutered/microchipped prior to adoption. Cats are vaccinated with Rabies, FIV & FELV.

We also examine cats for any signs of cancer, diabetes, feline immunodefiency virus, feline leukemia virus, heartworm and high-rise syndrome.

Please check our FAQ prior to sending additional questions related to the adoption process.