we are always looking for new foster homes

Thank you for your interest in fostering with Canine Haven Rescue. Being a foster based rescue, we rely on people like you to help our dogs along their journey to their furever homes. 


We are always looking for stable homes to help our dogs settle in to life in Canada. We have dogs with various needs. If you have any deal breakers, such as toilet training, separation anxiety, leash manners, fear, etc, please let us know. We are transparent as possible when placing our dogs to ensure it is the right fit for everyone. 


Why should I foster?


Becoming a CHR foster, you are saving a dog’s life. You are able to provide enrichment, structure, consistent activity, and most importantly, a safe haven to decompress and heal. Many of our dogs come from very chaotic and abusive situations, and are looking for a safe quiet place to heal.



How do I become a foster?


Fill out the application below. You will be asked to complete a free online course, Petcademy. Once complete, your references will be contacted, and we will begin to process your application. After your phone screening, we discuss as a team if your application is approved.


How much does being a foster cost?


Canine Haven Rescue fully covers the cost of the dog’s arrival in Canada. We also cover all veterinary expenses for all of our dogs in our rescue. We supply food, and treats (on availability) as well as some common items listed below. We do ask that you provide basic everyday items when needed, such as tuna, healthy treats, coconut oil, or a long line. We try our best to provide our fosters with everything we can, however, relying solely on donations, sometimes our stock is low and we do rely on fosters help.


What are some items my dog might need?

Below we have made a list of items provided in foster care, as well as common items needed during foster care. Being 100% run on donations, we rely on the public for "extras" for our dogs. We provide all of the basic necessities, but in some cases, fosters are kindly asked to provide enrichment items for their fosters if and when needed. This could include a can of tuna to encourage your foster dog to eat, or purchasing 2 long lines at the dollar store for under $5, which gives your foster dog a longer leash to run on.


We thank you so much for your dedication to your foster dog, and to Canine Haven Rescue. We really could not do this without you!



Foster Items Provided:

Leash, Collar, Front Latch Harness

ID Tag


Bed, if we have them

Medication if needed


Treats, when we have them

2 Toys, when we have them

Flea and tick prevention (May-October)

Worm Prevention (May-October)

Micropchip needle if required

Pee pads for puppies in training

Sweater, booties, jackets (November-March)

Poop bags, when we have them

Bowl, when we have them



Items to have handy in your doggy pantry:


Dog bed

Towels/sheets to place on floor if walking on hardwood floor is an issue

Dog bed or comforter 

Treats (healthy limited ingredients)

Extra toys 

Poop Bags

Food bowls

Seatbelt clip for car rides, if needed

Canned tuna, salmon, sardines (as a food topper to encourage eating the first few days)

Raw coconut oil (good for just about everything!)

Pumpkin Puree (for upset tummy or as a food topper for encouraging eating) 

Peanut Butter

Psyllium Husk* (upset tummy/nervous tummy, helps bowels)

Benadryl* (for allergic reactions)


*Needs approval for administration from CHR Team



Please do not feel the need to purchase everything listed above. This is a guideline of things we have seen within our rescue that have been needed for some of our dogs. Every dog has their own needs :) Most items can be found at natural stores like healthy planet or pet valu & rens pet depot. Please never administer medication or natural remedies without it being approved by the CHR team.

Please check our FAQ prior to sending additional questions related to the foster process.