Foster - TO - aDOPT

                                          Foster to Adopt “FTA” is the same process as foster with the following rules.

  • FTA does not guarantee that you will be accepted for adoption, it does guarantee that you will be highly considered for adoption.


  • The foster to adopt "FTA" will receive a waiver to sign and accept along with a required $250 deposit.

  • The FTA will have 2-weeks to decide on adoption.


  • The FTA must complete the adoption process prior to being accepted by the rescue.


  • If the adoption goes through, the deposit will be deducted from the total adoption fee.


  • If the adoption does not go through, but the FTA consents to foster until adoption, the deposit will be refunded once the dog is adopted


  • If the adoption does not go through, and the FTA does not foster, the deposit is considered a donation to the rescue.


Items Provided by the rescue:

Collar with ID Tag


Food (2-weeks worth)

Treats, when we have them

Flea and tick prevention (May-October)

Worm Prevention (May-October)

Micropchip needle if required

Pee pads for puppies in training

Please check our FAQ prior to sending additional questions related to the foster process.