One day in December, 2013, Tarah (CHR Founder) decided to make the most of her trip in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and visit local animal shelters. Being involved in the animal community back home in Toronto, it was easy for Tarah to use her skills and assist the shelter in any way she was needed to. Her work was not limited to shelter work -  Tarah walked all throughout the communities and fed stray dogs, provided medical care, and educated as many folks as she could. After she spent some time in DR, Tarah then packed her bags and made her way to Cancun, Mexico, with the same mission - to enrich the lives of animals around her, while helping educate the community. When she returned home, the idea of Canine Rescue was born, and thus begun the planning of an 100%, non-profit, volunteer run organization, know as Canine Haven Rescue. Tarah’s family was in full support of her efforts abroad, and wanted to be involved. Lina (Director), Nikki (Director), are all Canine Haven Rescues' backbone.                                                                                                            What started as a family bread rescue, now has an umbrella of volunteers, from fosters & adopters, transporters & administrative volunteers, all with the same goals – enrich the lives of animals in need. Without CHR volunteers, we could not save as many animals as we do. CHR rescues dogs from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, North America and any local surrenders. We have volunteers from Ajax, to Burlington, and everywhere in between. None of our dogs are boarded in kennels upon their arrival. All dogs are kept in temporary foster homes until they are officially adopted. We strive to work with other rescues, shelters and humane organizations to develop a network of supporters and volunteers in order to create a better world for homeless pets.                                                                                                                         


To provide humane care to animals globally, while continuously developing our network with shelters in our community and abroad. We find exceptional foster and adoptive homes for stray animals, as well as ensuring every animal in our care receives all medical, emotional, and physical care and support.



Tarah, Nikki, Lina, Founders of Canine Haven Rescue