Picking up your foster

                     During Covid – people are NOT allowed in the terminals.  So, we have an alternate plan for picking up your dog!


  1. Airport Lead.  There will be one CHR person at the airport. Airport lead person will need contact info for the flight escort, so they can discuss progress/address questions.

  2. There will be a “Commercial Volunteer” at a second office to help with fees.

  3. Foster parents picking up their foster dog

Know which terminal!

  • Terminal 3 – Air Transat/Westjet/Interjet/AeroMexico

  • Terminal 1 – Air Canada/Lufthansa

Do not park at the airport – use the Cell Phone lots. There are 2.  Ideally, coordinate which lot you want to gather in, to get your fosters supplies handed out while waiting.  (Cell Lot #1 has been popular in the past)


  • Be sure you check (and double check) actual flight arrival time (vs scheduled time). FlightAware is a great satellite tracker.

  • Aim to be at the cell lot 60-80 mins after the plane lands. Once the dogs land, the escort will need to bring the dog through customs  

  • Bring minimal distractions – no small kids, no dogs. You will need to be 100% there for your new pup.

Airport Lead will take care of these things for you (if you are just picking up, you can skip this part)

  • Reimbursing the flight parent for customs fees

  • Getting vet records from flight parent and giving to each foster parent

  • When available, they will bring supplies to be handed out at the cell lot

  • Please stay in sync with airport lead and once complete hand-off is done, you can take your pup home!

  • Watch your timing and get to airport pick up lanes early/on time.  Terminals allow you to park/wait for 20 minutes.

The Pick up!

  • Once they clear customs, the flight parent will send message that they are on their way out.

  • Drive to arrivals at the appropriate terminal

  • Get your vetting, get your dog.  Thank your flight parent. Air kisses only, through the mask!

    Foster Dog Interaction

  • Terminal #1 – Area D.  Terminal #3 – Pole 38

  • Double park (don’t go into parking garage)

  • Dog stays in the crate. Crate goes into the car. Never remove the dog from the crate, until you are home. Dogs have         been lost in the airport with other rescues. Absolutely – NEVER.

  • Tip for when at home – get them outside asap. Have food and water ready, as they’ve had a long day.

  •   Tip from a CHR foster mom: My routine is – take the crate right outside in the back yard. Clip crate open and let the dog come out slowly, while I grab their (prepared) food and water dishes. Let them sniff around, take their time, pee and poop (hopefully). I will bring out my dog after the dog has had some time.