Happy Tails - Gus

Gus came to us from another shelter in Ontario. He was actually thought to have "sundown syndrome", because of his fear at night and around shadows. We were able to find a foster, Lucy, who patiently helped him come out of his shell. We were prepped for sundown syndrome, did all of the research we could do. We were all happily shocked when Lucy, and his new mama Ashley reported no signs of sundown syndrome. It's amazing what a change of environment does.

Here is what Ashley had to say.

"He's settled in wonderfully. He's a confident, happy boy. He loves people and has plenty of tail wags for everyone we pass on our walks and he just doesn't understand why we can't say hello to everybody! He's a master napper when we're inside, and likes to watch the goings on out the window from the comfort of his favorite chair. He loves walks & car rides. He's such a happy guy he seems like he's up for anything! I can't wait until hiking trails open again because I'm sure he'll enjoy hiking as much as I do".

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