Happy Tails - Paloma

Melissa is one of CHR's volunteers. She had this to say about her foster fail, Paloma. "Before fostering Paloma, I had previously fostered 6 dogs. I thought I had a pretty clear decision that I didn't want to commit to having a dog forever, and I have had some pretty amazing fosters over time, but nothing prepared me for the deep love I have for Paloma. She arrived to us from the DR. She was skinny, tiny, and fearful. Upon meeting her she was shaking from fear. How quickly she adapted to our home! It was quite amazing.

Paloma was discovered in the DR wandering the streets, when she was found she had holes in her gums/mouth and was not doing well. They believed she was abandoned on the streets by a local who perhaps was backpacking through and no longer wanted to keep her. Paloma has been like no other dog I have ever met.

It is clear that Paloma had faced forms of abuse on the streets and had gotten attacked a lot by dogs. On one of her ears you can see it might have been ripped from an incident. As well, she will go hide if she thinks someone is angry, or loud, but she only hides long enough until she hears her trusted humans say "It's okay Paloma, no one is mad, we are just playing around" and she will come out and lay on your lap.

It breaks my heart to think of the hard life Paloma had before being Rescued by Canine Haven. All she lives for is to get love and give love. I have never met a soul in life that is as pure as her. She is a hilarious dog, will paw you and harass you till you pet her, she will flop her little head on your feet, lap, hand, or any part of your body as long as she thinks it will get her the attention she wants.

She has quite the few dog admirers here in our community and she charms not only the dogs, but every human who meets her gains some form of therapeutic value from her. The amount of happiness she has brought so many people, but the joy she brings my daughter & I, I could never express my gratitude in words.

My way of saying thank you to Canine Haven Rescue for the life they have saved, is by volunteering with them. I have become one of your adoption admin coordinators.

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