How to Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy During a Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us. Many of us are already working from home, finding new ways to be productive and to entertain ourselves, and new methods to connect with our loved ones.

For those of us who are pet owners, however, the quarantine comes with an added challenge: stocking up on essentials and finding ways to keep our fluffy friends engaged, especially if they’re used to being outdoors.

Here are a few tips:

Just like you should prepare essentials for yourself in case you can’t go out, you should stock up on basics for your fluffy friend. When it comes to food, you should buy enough to last you for at least a month.

Of course, food isn’t the only thing you should consider when prepping for a quarantine. If you have a cat, make sure you have cat litter on hand as well. Also, if your pet is under medication for a chronic illness, buy enough to last you through extended isolation. The same goes for anti-parasite treatments.

While indoor cats and other small animals are used to being kept in confined spaces, outdoor cats and dogs will need extra activities if you have to keep them inside while you’re self-isolating or in quarantine. If you have the time, play some engaging games with your dog or cat. You can build tunnels out of cardboard boxes to help them get exercise, hide treats under different items and have your pet look for them, or just roll around the floor with them and provide extra cuddles. You can also get interactive toys that are designed to keep cats and dogs engaged and entertained.

Finally, connect with your pet! Make sure they get enough cuddles and playtime. Training your pet is also a great way to establish a deeper relationship, so if you have a dog or a cat, consider teaching them some new things. Besides the connection, they’ll get some healthy mental exercise.

All in all, as long as you keep an eye on your pet and stimulate them, they’ll surely be healthy and happy through this crisis. They’ve probably never had so much time with you and are delighted to have you home in the first place, anyways. At the same time, care for yourself first so you can care for them.

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