Indoor Fun to Beat the Winter Blues

As much as snuggling with Canine Haven alumni Tux looks like the perfect way to pass the time on a day like today, your pup still needs their exercise! But if your dog is anything like Tux, getting him out long enough to do his business is enough of a challenge! Plus being out for more than a few minutes in these frigid temperatures isn't a good idea for those of us that walk on two feet or four paws!

So, we have been exploring some ideas of how to keep busy and happy indoors and wanted to share them with you. Here are our top three:

1. Snuffle Mat

Have you heard of a snuffle Mat? It's a treasure hunt packed into a small space! Picture a mat with fabric strips where you can hide treats for them to burrow through. Best of all, you can make it yourself with not a lot of time or cost (look online there are quite a few tutorials)!

2. Teaser Wand

A rope toy on a stick that they chase! This is a great way to build excitement and get your pup to burn some energy. I can also imagine using this in the spring to try some agility fun!

3. Play Hide and Seek

This is a great way to reinforce training and keep them entertained!

Ask your dog to "sit" and "stay". Then go hide! Call them to you and reward them when they find you! If this is your first time playing, hide somewhere obvious at first so they get the hang of what you're asking them to do. You can also hide treats or their most treasured toy.

We hope these ideas have you and your furry friend some ideas to try out! We would love to hear about how you stay entertained on colder days....tell us in the comments!

Before we go, one bonus idea - the LickiMat. The LickiMat is a textured silicone mat that you can smear their favourite soft treat on - think yogurt, wet food, bananas or, of course, peanut butter. Then your fur-baby spends time licking off the treat...keeping them busy! This can also be a great tool during stressful times, such as during thunder storms, when you clip their nails or leave for a day at work.

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