National Mutt day

The word "mutt" often has negative connotations. In fact, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word was originally used around the turn of the 20th century to describe a person as a fool.

For dogs, it refers to a dog that is not purebred, or mixed-breed. Oftentimes, when people decide they want a dog, they start looking into breeds, select one and then embark on their quest to find that breed. We, here at Canine Haven Rescue, would like to challenge that thinking.

It is exceedingly important to understand what kind of a dog will work well for your family and lifestyle. However, we believe focusing on the characteristics of the dog that is right for you takes priority over the breed. Here are some reasons you should give mutts a chance:

- Unique. Every dog is unique, regardless of their ancestry. A breed may be known to be high energy, but there will be some dogs that are not. However, when you get a mixed-breed dog, you get a truly unique companion.

- Hereditary Health and Behavior Issues. Each breed has it's own issues. For example, pugs are predisposed to eye issues and cocker spaniels to ear infections. However, when the breeds are mixed, they are less likely to get those issues.

- Cost. Getting a purebred puppy can be expensive, often time thousands of dollars. There are also many designer breeds which can be expensive. However, adopting a "mutt" from a reputable shelter or rescue is often much more affordable.

- Love. Although their genes may be mixed the affection you get from them is just as pure!

When you are considering adding a four legged friend to your family, we hope you will look beyond the breed and give a mutt some love!

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