Volunteer spotlight - helaina

Our rescue is only as good as our volunteers, so we would like to take the opportunity each month to introduce to one of our fabulous volunteers! To start us off, here is our Q&A with Helaina:

Tell us a a little about you.

I am a mom to a little girl , in my spare time I make jewelry & art as well as volunteer for Canine Haven Rescue 

Do you have any pets at home?

I have a crested gecko (Bruce Leezard) and a fish (Blueberry) 

Do you have a Canine Haven Rescue Alumni as a pet? If not, do you see yourself getting one in the future?

I am unable to have a dog at this time but as soon as I'm able to I will definitely be getting a CHR dog!

When and how did you get involved with Canine Haven Rescue?

My close friend Nikki is one of our founders. I've always tried to help her out with anything she's needed over the years but last December, I attended the Christmas Photo Shoot as an extra pair of hands and have been a committed volunteer ever since !

What volunteer roles do you currently have or have done in the past?

Fundraising, Merchandise, Events & Marketing 

What has been the best part of being involved with Canine Haven Rescue?  Maybe a favourite memory?

Knowing this organization really makes a difference in so many lives.

One of my favorite memories is doing a pick up with Tarah & Nikki. We drove a couple of hours to pick up 2 dogs. When we got there someone handed over a small thin dog that looked like a tiny Rottweiler. Her name was Rio she was scared, shaking and smelled like she’d never been bathed. I pet her, showed her love and soon she was wagging her tail and giving me kisses. I put her on my lap for the drive home, I cuddled her and talked to her until I could feel her whole body relax and fall asleep . I knew her life would only be happiness and love from that day on.

If you won the lottery today, what would be the first thing you would do?

Buy a farm and rescue pigs and anyone else that needed a forever home 

What is your favourite quote?

Be the change you want to see in the world 

Thank you Helaina for everything you do for CHR and our pups!

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