Canine Haven Rescue is partnering with local trainers to help with the success of adoptions. Foster parents will have the option of participating in the once a month group training sessions with our trainer(s).  We do save a lot of dogs with "behavioral issues", so our trainers help fosters clear that line of communication with positive reinforcement, body language, and awareness.

Once a pup has been adopted, we will encourage the new family to attend the monthly group trainings to help with transition & learning the dogs language. Our trainers are amazing & provide this service at a very low cost!


The following checklist is designed as a day to day routine of leadership skills using positive reinforcement, body language, and awareness to create respect and balance within the human/canine relationship.

GOLDEN RULE---NO ‘FREE’ LUNCH A dog must only receive the things they want if they earn it with obedience, for example, asking them for a Sit, and/or paw, down, trick, etc. before a treat, or being let up on the couch, keeps us in the Leadership position.


☐ Leaders eat first;                          

☐ Leaders go through the doorways first;

☐ Leaders stay calm; and in control  

☐ Leaders set the pace and the direction. (i.e. during walks);

☐ Leaders do not let their personal space be invaded;

☐ Leaders say when play begins, and when it ends;

☐ Leaders do not offer ‘free’ resources. (i.e. food, toys, petting, etc)

☐ Leaders assume the higher ground. (i.e. beds, couches, chairs, etc)

☐ Leaders assign resting places for other pack members.



☐ Be allowed to get up on the bed and furniture without permission. (for ‘free’)

☐ Eat out of an overflowing food bowl. (‘free’ food)

☐ Come and go as they please

☐ Have an abundance of ‘free’ (unearned) possessions to guard, i.e. toys, beds, bones, etc

☐ Have humans fawn over them with ‘free’ petting

☐  Demand to be: played with, pet, taken out, and left alone. (Demanded-by physical touch, vocalization).

Thank you to Pams Paws Dog Training for these Do's & Dont's